JEDEC Tray Conveyor Definition

Conveyer Length Rail
Conveyer 25 in/635 mm 548 mm
Conveyer 30 in/762 mm 675 mm
Conveyer 20 in/510 mm 423 mm
Conveyer 886 mm 794 mm
Conveyer 920 mm 833 mm
Conveyer 45 in/1143 mm 1051 mm
Conveyer 227 mm 140 mm
Open Conveyer 335 mm 248 mm
Open Conveyer 25"/635 mm 548 mm

Open Conveyor

Delivers products to another process (e.g. using SMEMA).

Mount Plate

Provides mounting options for your machine.

Reset Board

Limits operator intervention.

Custom Sides

Supports fit and function for your machine.

Door Lock

Provides added safety for the strictest compliance requirements.